Frequently Asked Questions - Orders and Customer Q&A

Orders FAQs

What currency are the prices do I see in the site?
All prices are in USD.

I just placed an order, when will it ship?
We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. Tracking numbers will be updated 3-5 days after your order has been SHIPPED. If you don't have a tracking number after 7 business please email us at


I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?
If you have miss spelled or auto filled in a incorrect address, simply reply to your order conformation email and confirm. Once you double check if the address given is wrong kindly notify us via email at If the given address is wrong we can change the address to the correct one within 24 hours.

How long does shipping take?
Shipping times vary though our free domestic US shipping usually arrives in 4-7 business days.

Customer Q&A

Does this smell at all? The oily dirty lanolin sheep smell comforters make me sick

I did not notice any smell whatsoever, other than the plastic zipper bag it came in. I'm very allergic to lanolin, alpaca duvets, rugs, etc., I have never had any problems with at all. I love the duvet. Would definitely buy again, regulates body temperature better than other hypoallergenic comforters. 

What are all of the ingredients please. I want to know what the wool batting is mixed with as well as what the cover is made out of.

The filling is 100% Alpaca Wool. The outer shell is 100% Cotton with 400 Thread Count.

Can the duvet be taken off and washed?

This is a stitched comforter, much like any other duvet you would purchase, there is no cover to remove and wash. It is recommended to use a quality machine washable duvet cover to protect duvet and wash regularly. The duvet can be aired out on a dry sunny day to keep it sanitized. If necessary, it is recommended that you spot hand wash only the part of the duvet that is soiled. It is not recommended to machine wash the duvet.

I got rid of my down comforter because it was too warm. Reviews mostly say how warm this is so wondering if it is really comfortable in summer.

I've been using this year round in Los Angeles and have been very comfortable throughout. There are some nights at the peak of summer when it's just too warm for any blanket other than a thin sheet, but I find sleeping on top of the comforter is more temperature regulating than the bed. Those nights I don't think any blankets would be comfortable when it's too warm. I used to use a down comforter and I would occasionally wake up with too much sweat or kick off the blankets. I don't have that anymore with this duvet.

Does it have loops to tie a cover to it?

Yes, on all 4 corners!

What is the lowest temperature that this can still be used and the highest temperature?

There are no specific temperature set as to when the duvet can be used, however for your reference, we have customers in Los Angeles using it during the summer when the night time temperature are in the 80s as well as customers in Little Rock using it during the winter when the temperature are as low as the 30s, Please be aware that we are not promoting these temperatures as the standard. Each individual's body temperature varies so the temperature that each can accept will generally be different.

Does the alpaca filling shift or is a sheet of alpaca wool?

The alpaca filling does not shift. The quilting of the duvet helps keep the alpaca wool in place.

What is the fill weight of the Alpaca wool by size? i.e. what is the weight of the Alpaca wool by itself by comforter size?

The fill weight of alpaca wool is 400 grams per square meter for all sizes. i.e. the total fill weight is approximately 2.5kg for king size, approximately 2.1kg for queen size, and approximately 1.5kg for twin size.

I went to your website and notice many different versions in spring collection / winter collection. Which one specifically is this?

This one is the all season 400 thread count duvet comforter that is filled with 400gsm of alpaca wool.

Can the comforter be dry cleaned if needed?

The instructions on this quilt say not to dry clean or wash in a machine, but instead to spot clean it and also to leave it in the sun for several hours to air and fluff it. I have also seen instructions on other alpaca quilts that say you can put in into a front loading washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water. If you have a duvet cover for it (which I do), that will keep it clean, and the duvet cover can be washed. I also draped my alpaca duvet over two wooden clothes drying racks this summer on a warm sunny day and this seriously rejuvenated it. The warm, fresh air gave it a new fluffy loft and it smelled so good.

Is the cotton cover of the duvet pure white or beige in color?
The cotton cover is pure white.