100% Premium Alpaca Wool - The True Treasure Of The Incas

From The Hills Of The Andes Mountains In Peru

The highest quality alpaca wool comes directly from Peru where alpaca have naturally grazed in Andes Mountains for thousands of years. Peruvian alpaca is bred specifically for its lustrous and silky natural fibers that is light, soft, warm and lanolin free.

Alpaca wool is a natural fleece that belongs to the noble fibers such as mohair, cashmere or angora. A superior quality fiber to sheep’s wool with the same natural thermo-regulating properties, it provides the perfect environment for sleep.

Thermo-Regulating Properties For Year Round Comfort100% Natural & Scientifically Proven HypoallergenicMoisture Control Properties Improve Regenerative SleepThe Perfect Down Alternative – Cruelty Free Product From Happy Alpacas

Alpaca fiber

Alpaca fiber is warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool while as warm and comfortable as a down duvet requiring less fill to keep you warm. It is soft, durable, and luxurious natural fiber resistant to saturation that makes it water and odor resistant. The inner material is made of carded and combed clean primary material with no secondary materials used during the processing of the fiber and the production of the duvet. Its hollow core follicle provides the duvet a natural thermal nature which helps regulates your body temperature to keep you warm but not sweaty throughout the night. Alpaca fiber is also flame-resistant and meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards.

Ave Maria duvets are sourced entirely from local producers and farmers in Peru.

While other countries around the world have taken alpacas from Peru for breeding, Peru still produces 80% or more of the total worldwide alpaca related products and produce them in high quality. Only in recent trend has the world have taken notice of alpaca for its excellent quality and durable source of wool, but it has provided the same comfort and warmth to native South Americans for thousand of years.